Monday, October 14, 2013

Obama’s Police State in Riot Gear v. Women and Veterans

Wounded Marine signaling Nation in Distress 
#1MVetMarch   - 10132013 – Image courtesy 
of Free Republic

Note: I have spent the past 14 hours compiling videos, images and links reference Sunday's march. Some of the videos are not in the exact sequence of the events and for that I apologize. Nevertheless, I believe that I have provided you with a clear picture of events moments before the arrival of the police state in riot gear and after. Later on today, I will post for your review footage and images of the more pleasant moments of Sunday's events.

Lincoln Memorial Barricades come down Paul Longacre 10132013 001

Expect the rhetoric from the Progressive establishment on both the right and left after this weekend to get real ugly.

Lincoln Memorial Barricades come down Paul Longacre 10132013 002

Progressives on the left will point fingers and call patriots, racists, anarchist, suicide bombers, etc.  Oh my bad, they’re already doing that.  Well expect them to double down.

Warm Welcome from White house Gestapo 
Courtesy of Fighting For Liberty 10132013 001

Progressives on the right will now feel empowered to further betray their constituents.

Obama’s media lapdogs will unleash rabid attacks rewriting history as Progressives often do.  HOWEVER, regardless of how Progressives twist the past few days, in particular yesterday’s March on the Memorials and the People’s House aka the White House, let the record show that Obama’s police state came out in force looking for a fight.

Police Brutality at White House 10132013 
Image courtesy of Dennis Michael Lynch 001

It was at this moment that the winds began to shift but then again, that was the plan all along.

Useful idiots drinking the kool-aid are quick to blame the Tea Party. I mirrored the above video but the above video is located here should you wish to leave a comment. 

Moving on to the White House…..   

It did not matter whether the person they went after were 94 year old veterans, 90 year old grandmothers or little children.

Second time I've fought for my country; 
first time I've known my enemy - 
Free Republic 10132013

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DMLdaily (Dennis Michael Lynch tonight on The Kelly File, Fox News will discuss the countless acts of police brutality witnessed Sunday outside of the White House in addition to updating his Facebook page throughout the day.)


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