Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OFA Propaganda Rally to Taint Tea Party a Bust

In retaliation to weeks of protests in objection to Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama's vengeful selective government shutdown of national landmarks, parks and war memorials solely intended to dishonor veterans and inflict pain on Americans, OFA, an arm of Obama's Sturmabteilung were dispatched earlier to hold a rally earlier in front of the Capitol in retaliation.

The intent of the propaganda campaign in collusion with Obama’s media lapdogs also on the ground today in front of the Capitol is to

(i) blame the protests on the Tea Party,

(ii) cover up the fact that the majority of the Americans are fed up with the unconstitutional and tyrannical acts of the Obama Mafia,

(iii) divert attention away from the national park service hostile and oppressive wave of assaults against veterans, women, Americans in general and tourists by the National Park Service, another arm of Obama's Sturmabteilung,

(iv) extort desired results from the GOP; and

(v) avert attention away from the intentionally inept Obamacare, the Obama Mafia’s latest online swindle, spy program and the political corruptibility of those who shoved said program down the throats of Americans and those who oversee this train wreck.

The success of today’s propaganda campaign will be long remembered..

 Rather than insult the Tea Party, this OFA zombie chose instead to put the disdain for the disabled by Progressives on display. Well done, idiot.

 OFA, Staten Island was all over the map.

Apparently, Obama has down-sized astroturf or either laid off.  In any event, for OFA and the Obama administration, today's rally was a blazing success.


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