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Oh crap! Obamacare Exchanges Built on 1990’s Technology

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USA Today
The federal health care exchange was built using 10-year-old technology that may require constant fixes and updates for the next six months and the eventual overhaul of the entire system, technology experts told USA TODAY….
… ‘I have never seen a website — in the last five years — require you to delete the cache in an effort to resolve errors,’ said Dan Schuyler, a director at Leavitt Partners, a health care group by former Health and Human Services secretary Mike Leavitt. ‘This is a very early Web 1.0 type of fix……’
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Oh crap! The Obamacare exchange was built on 1990's technology? Does anyone remember what a 1990 cell phone or computer looks like and how they operated?
First Cell Phone and Tandy radio shack Computer Circa 1990
Cell Phone and Tandy radio shack Computer Circa 1990

Pursuant to an article by Digital Trends, the GAO June report indicates that
…from June (pdf), which states that the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spent “almost $394 million from fiscal year 2010 through March 2013 through contracts' to build the 'federally facilitated exchanges' (FFEs) – the complex system that includes as well as certain state-based exchanges – the data hub, and other expenditures related to the Obamacare exchange system…
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Of the $394 million, $93.7 million was awarded to Canadian company, CGI, to build the Obamacare exchange which we now come to find out was built on 1990’s technology.

Note that $394 million excludes CMS salaries and administrative costs connected to the Obamacare exchanges. Thus one can easily conclude that the total costs which the Obama administration is jumping through hoops to hide exceeds more than $500 million.

scam alert

Barack Obama’s signature legislation is a fraud.

And Barack Obama had the nerve to invoke Steve Jobs and Apple when unfurling the disaster that he knew months ago would be exactly that!

“…Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don't remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn't. That's not how we do things in America. We don't actively root for failure. We get to work, we make things happen, we make them better, we keep going….”

Barack Obama, snake oil salesman was clearly aware when he lied before the world as if his star legislation was something to brag about that there was no way on earth that the Obamacare exchanges could hold a candle to Steve Jobs’ creation, i.e., Apple.

It is more than likely that CGI under orders from the high tech savvy Obama Mafia to intentionally create a flawed program that would enable the Obama Mafia to demand hundreds of millions, if not billions more from taxpayers.

In furtherance, Barack Obama knew damned well SIX MONTHS AGO in 2012 that the Obamacare exchanges would never fly thereby requiring hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars more, if not billions along the way.

The created and implementation of Obamacare and its fraudulent exchanges constitute grand theft  larceny by the Obama Mafia which should darned well result in incarceration of the Obama Mafia.
The thought that Barack Obama and fellow Communist thugs conspired to Americans of their hard earned dollars is a betrayal of trust.

I repeat:
Obama jail 003

GAO Report on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Status of CMS Efforts to Establish Federally Facilitated Healthcare Insurance Exchanges - June 2013 (page 35)


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