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Operation Fast and Furious the SEQUEL: ATF Allowed Grenades Used to Kill Police to 'Walk' Into Mexico.

Operation Fast and Furious morphs into Operation Grenade

The air date of the above video is the first week of September 2011, yet twenty-five month later, the same DOJ and ATF officials who oversaw Operation Fast and Furious are now involved in Operation Grenade-walk.

Border patrol agents Brian terry (left) and Nicholas Ivie (right) killed by 
drug traffickers in Arizona along US-Mexico border.

In Operation Fast and Furious, firearms provided by the ATF ended up in the hands of drug cartels, resulting since 2006 in more than 50,000  drug-related deaths in Mexico including countlesss murders of Americans along the U.S.-Mexico border including the deaths of border patrol agents, Brian Terry and Nicholas Ivie.

Operation Grenade is no different than Operation Fast and Furious as are the players as are the results.

The gun battle which lasted approximately 3 to 4 hours as referred to by CBS- Sharyl Atkisson occurred on October 8, 2013 and pursuant to a report by the L. A. Times, links Jean Baptiste Kingery, a suspected grenade trafficker with ties to the ATF resulted in the deaths of seven people, three police officers, four suspected members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG)[i] in the town of Tepatitlan, northeast of Guadalajara Tuesday[ii].  (See reports relevant to shootout at bottom of post above source and links.)
…State officials said that a group of local police surprised the men, who were “consuming drugs in a public street.” Mayor Jorge Eduardo Gonzalez Arana told local media that the confrontation began after a neighbor called and complained about four people shooting their weapons in the air. [Link in Spanish]…
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Below is a video of Mexico students holed up in a classroom during the 3 hour long shootout between police and Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

As reported by Fox Latino, Mexican officials seized “seized four rocket launchers, 10 firearms, ammunition clips and 15 fragmentation grenades at the scene of the shootout….”

The Kingery Connection.  H/t Grumpy Opinions.

…According to a Justice Department "Significant Incident Report" filed Tuesday and obtained by CBS News, evidence connects one of the grenades to Jean Baptiste Kingery, an alleged firearms trafficker U.S. officials allowed to operate for years without arresting despite significant evidence that he was moving massive amounts of grenade parts and ammunition to Mexico's ruthless drug cartels….
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The ATF had the opportunity on at least two occasions to prosecute Kingery who has smuggled into Mexico at least 2,000 grenades for drug cartels since 2009, however, in January 2010, prosecutors refused to make a case.  Thus, the bodies parts piled up as the blood continued to flow (see 53 Dead in Attack on Casino in Northern Mexico).

Below is the DOJ's Significant Report Screenshot which I believe has already been denied by Justice Department in spite of the following proof (can't make this up).

DOJ Significant Information Report and Kingery Doc, both in pdf format
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New evidence in ATF's mysterious grenade smuggler case
Complete coverage of the gunwalking scandal
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[i]        Jalisco New Generation Cartel translated “…The Jalisco Nueva Generacion organization was created following the death of Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel, a top Sinaloa drug cartel boss killed by the army in 2010….”
Jalisco Nueva Generacion is at war with Los Zetas, Mexico’s most violent drug cartel for control of drug smuggling routes into the United States.
[ii] See also: Guadalajara newspaper El Informador (translation not to great).

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