Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shutdown Shame: DoD Denied Death Benefits to Families of Fallen Heroes

The Department of Defense is denying death benefits to families of U. S. Military soldiers killed after the government shutdown.  So far, five families grieving the loss of their loved ones are being forced to endure this despicable act of evil and disrespect by the United States government.

Fox Insider News
Family members of United States fallen soldiers are receiving the ultimate insult by the very government that sent their loved ones to war. So far, at least five families have been told they will not be receiving death benefits. Why? All because they were killed after the government shut down....

… One of those fallen soldiers is Sergeant Patrick Hawkins. He died while helping a wounded ranger. Kelly observed, ‘The ranger creed is never leave a fallen comrade. I mean the irony of that given what happened to him and his family is stark….’

Read full article and see discussion between Megyn Kelly and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA).

See also:  Col. North: 'It Takes a Commander in Chief With a Conscience' to Restore Military Death Benefits (video below)

Col. North is right.  Although the government shutdown is mere an excuse to stick it to our heroes, this is more about Barack Obama’s disdain for the United States military.

As beaker2000 commented below the above video:
Ms Kelly, the Obama administration made this conscious choice to harass the families of these fallen heroes. There are 8 bipartisan bills that Harry Reid is preventing the Senate from voting on, which would fund all of these things. How is this the fault of the Republicans in the house? Have you lost your objectivity?


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