Wednesday, October 16, 2013

South Dakota's cattle cataclysm -- Death toll 100,000 -- why the media blackout?

South Dakota floor A dead cow is lifted from flooding in the 
aftermath of winter storm Atlas in South Dakota. Photograph: Lacey Weiss

…Last weekend western South Dakota and parts of the surrounding states got their butts handed to them by Mother Nature. A blizzard isn't unusual in South Dakota, the cattle are tough and can handle some snow. They have for hundreds of years.
Unlike on our dairy farm in Wisconsin, beef cattle don't live in climate controlled barns. Beef cows and calves spend the majority of their lives out on pasture....
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Once again as NOT reported by the mainstream media, this is a tragedy for the cattle died a horrific death (don't even think about it vegans, your comments will be deleted), cattle farmers who may never recover from this loss and the consumers who eat beef.

Based on demand and supply or lack thereof, expect the cost of ground beef, a nice slice of liver, roast beef or a steak to skyrocket beyond the affordability of many.

Adding insult to injury is a thugocracy using the government shutdown as an excuse to do nothing.
The bottom line is that the death of so many cattle is a kick in the gut to our economy as well.

Finally, why is the mainstream media NOT reporting this cataclysmic event?

To the farmers and businesses affected by this event, I am sorry for your loss.

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