Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two Bus Loads Of Texas Vets Held Up At Iwo Jima Memorial, Liberty Prevails (VIDEO) 10122013


Reid Davis and other Patriots confront the police at the Iwo Jima Memorial after trying to reopen the area for WW II Veterans. The people will take back their freedom and their land one way or another. These veterans gave all they had and to let a money dispute deny them their only chance to see their memorial is a travesty. These calloused actions will no longer be tolerated. We the People want our country back. And we will take it!
*Update 2:45 pm Central Time
Reid Davis along with other members had managed to get a few buses of Veterans through the cleared barricades before Park Police reinforced the road block. The police are content to now watch 80 to 90 year old Veterans try to traverse 1000 yards across a field. Patriots at the memorial site are assisting the Vets with the journey to see the Iwo Jima Memorial....

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Eventually, the barricades were finally removed. See, Iwo Jima Barricades REMOVED!

I’m not sure if individuals in the latter photograph arrived are a part of the group held up by the police state aka oath breakers.

God bless Reid Davis, his associates and the troops on scene who stood up for One Nation under God.

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