Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Under Budget Deal, Unions who Pushed for Obamacare to Receive Delay of Obamacare Tax

The Hill
Labor unions are poised to score the delay of an ObamaCare tax in the bipartisan budget deal emerging in the Senate. The bargain under negotiation would make small adjustments to the healthcare law, including delaying the law's reinsurance fee for one year. The three-year tax is meant to generate revenue that will stabilize premiums on the individual market as sick patients enter the risk pool.
he tax applies to all group health plans, but unions argue it will raise their healthcare costs while providing them no benefit....
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A waiver for everyone but the middle class.  This is about Obama taking care of his friends especially since the unions have remained quiet during (a) the attacks on Republicans during the government shutdown and (b) the horrific release of Obamacare.

Once again, the union is all about self which is why they must go.  Unions like the rest of the Progressive thugocracy have an agenda that non-beneficial to the average American.

Hate to say it but at this point in the game, I have no problem forcing the relocation of every Progressive to Oymyakon, Russia.


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