Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Users Enrolling in Obamacare Online to be Placed in Online 'Waiting Rooms'

Jay Carney announced yesterday that the Obamacare website will be adding online 'gates' to its servers that would place those attempting to sign up for Obamacare over the web in online waiting rooms.

Trust me, it is not because Progressives elites want to provide Americans with healthcare; it is because they’re dying to get your money and eliminate all expectations of privacy.

Washington Examiner
...Carney said government engineers were working on the problem, but continued to blame the high volume of online traffic for the difficulties experienced on the site.
‘CMS has put up a gate at the front end of the system that places visitors in a waiting room and lets them in at a particular pace so that the surge in volume does not cause the problems that it caused in the past,’ Carney said during Monday's White House press briefing....
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caution rant ahead

Jay Carney and comrades blaming the failings of Healthcare.gov on high traffic is like blaming the 75 people online ahead of you at the Department of Motor Vehicle for your four wait in line during which eleven out of 15 windows are at the DMV are closed.  The clerks arrive to work 20 minutes late after which they immediately take another 15 before settling in to begin working.

Obama say expect months of glitches with obamacare

Then twenty minutes later, the civil servants do a disappearing as they head off on to their 15 minute coffee break which lasts 25 minutes only to leave for their one-hour lunch 45 minutes later.

Instead of taking the 60 minute lunch, the DMV clerks extend their lunch break to 90 minutes.  When finally returning to their station, they make an appearance and immediately to run off to the bathroom or snack bar for another 10 minutes.   Thus, the afternoon session is nothing more than a repeat of the morning cycle.  Yet, the DMV credits the long lines and wait on the amount of people in line.

For the record, working in a union shop is no different, that is why businesses with union shops go under.

Consider yourself warned and if you’re still not convinced, just think of Obamacare as sort of like the Hotel California, except it comes with none of the trappings yet once you enter, you can never leave unless, of course, it’s on a gurney en route to the morgue. Not a good sign America.

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