Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Gun Control Looks Like: Adam Kokesh Getting Raided by the Feds (Warning: Disturbing Description of Events)

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from AdamKokesh:
Three months after the raid of Adam Kokesh’s house and subsequent arrest, girlfriend Carey shares her disturbing experience with the police who conducted the “search.”

For the record, I am no fan of Adam Kokesh.  However, if events unfolded as stated by the young lady in the video, the police state must be held accountable but will they?  That being said, as much as I would like to discount this woman’s statements, it is difficult considering the videos that surface everyday of police officers manhandling women, stripping them nude.  

The dehumanization process that people are forced to endure at the hands of the police state is disgusting and wins them no fans.  Wake up America.

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