Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Alleges Obama Told Aides About Drone Strikes: “I’m Really Good at Killing People.”

Rand Paul Review
The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner was purportedly caught telling aides he’s gotten ‘Really Good At Killing People.’ From CBS Local:
Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s book “Double Down: Game Change 2012” notes President Obama commenting on drone strikes, reportedly telling his aides that he’s “really good at killing people.”
The quote from the book was first reported in Peter Hamby’s review in the Washington Post….

This sob is always toying with the lives of Americans. How many more troops will die because this cretin uttered the words, “I’m really good at killing people.”

 Heck, we know he’s good at killing people. Remember BENGHAZI!

Considering that Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama is a thug, a liar not to mention one who has developed quite the blood lust as despots often do since invading the Oval Office, this report sounds about right, especially when one takes into consideration that Obama has already murdered two Americans with his previous drones.

 Once Obama accomplished the latter feet, I suspect that for a narcissist the rest was a walk in the park. For those who still do not get it, below are just a few images of Obama’s victims.

Victims of Barack Obama's drone attacks:

Obama's hands are dripping with the blood of the following Americans:

Benghazi Four victims
extortion 17 never forget 

Indeed, the Noble Peace Prize winner has developed quite the bloodlust.

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