Tuesday, November 5, 2013

@MyCancellation Back Up and Running on Twitter – Please Share.


“ObamaCare Cancelled Your Health Insurance. Now, Send Us Your Letter. Hashtag: @MyCancellation.

It was reported earlier today in an effort to thwart Americans from posting en masse their cancellation letters received from their healthcare providers that Twitter kept suspending @mycancellation for being critical of Obamacare and.

Be advised that as of this posting, @MyCancellation is back up and running and the posting of cancellation letters has resumed. As noted on their twitter page, “If you like your plan, you CAN'T keep it.ObamaCare cancelled your health insurance.Take a pic–include yourself or a message–send to letters@mycancellation.com .”  Below are a few letters and tweets from frustrated Americans whose healthcare plans are being canceled.  



As of
9:33 pm1:05 a.m., tonight Barack Obama’s “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan” lie remains posted on the Whitehouse.gov site.



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