Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On 4th Anniversary of Fort Hood Terrorist Attack, Charity Cryptic re Dispensing Funds

Earlier this year, the Central Texas-Fort Hood chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army Association of the U.S. Army (Charity) claimed that it raised $1 million post the Fort Hood Islamic Terrorist attack which occurred four years ago today which left 30 wounded and 13 dead.

Critics complain that AUSA who wants all of the money to go to the victims and their families will not reveal the sum collected or how funds will be dispensed.  The rationale behind AUSA’s refusal to be more forthcoming has to do with weeding out fraud and thwarting opportunists.

Regardless of the spin and spitting on the graves of those who perished and in the faces of those injured, families, friends and loved ones of all by the Obama administration, the events committed on November 5, 2009 was that of a jihadist.

Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have submitted the Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act in an effort to right the wrongs.  [S. 1500, H.R. 3111 (sponsored by John Carter). 

See, Fort Hood Charity Tight-Lipped About $1M Collected


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